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ANDREA GOMEZ is a global shoe line defined by modern femininity with respect for fine craftsmanship.

ANDREA GOMEZ was introduced in 2016 in collaboration with her two sisters Leonor and Mariela. Inspired by the designer’s international background and lifestyle. The elevated shoe range speaks to the modern woman, reflecting the natural beauty of Caracas, the style and attitude of New York City and the history and sophistication of Florence.

The collections—from casual boots to chic, wearable heels—are crafted with a meticulous hand from the highest quality materials produced in Italy. Defined by effortless luxury, the brand fuses innovation and elegance, embodying a fresh, nuanced perspective.


Andrea Gomez is a modern Venezuelan footwear designer whose creations explore the extent of her international sensibility. Her tough yet chic aesthetic creates an interesting tension between the masculine and feminine, and the oneiric yet practical aspects of her designs.

At age 17, Andrea started her adventure in Florence at L’attelier Institute, where she studied jewelry design. 

Andrea moved to York City in 2005, to study at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  While there, she discovered her true passion: footwear design. This married her ethereal love of color and sculpture with her artisan sensibility for hands-on craftsmanship.

2009: Andrea recived the “Excellence in footwear design” award from the Accesories Council.

London College of Fashion called her to Europe once again to hone her craft with specialized classes in footwear and digital design. 

2010: Andrea returned home to Venezuela.

2011: She launched her commercially successful brand, now known as AG by Andrea Gomez and opened the first of 3 stores in Caracas.

2016: Andrea Gomez footwear was launched in New York City.

Andrea, with the suport of her sisters, Leonor and Mariela, focus on her dream to design an international collection. She was inspired by her experience in Italy, which embraced artisan craftmanship and luxurious materials


Venezuelan Allure, New York Style, European Refinement